During this interview, Yvan Benedetti looks back on his forty years of political activism, in particular his training with Pierre Sidos and his career within the Œuvre Française. His analysis of current events presents the National Rally and Reconquest in the light, respectively, of denial and imposture: denial, by the way in which Marine Le Pen imposed herself, then by the fight against far-right movements of which it becomes complicit, instead of supporting them; imposture, because Éric Zemmour, even if he came to power, would not follow through on certain announced measures (such as, for example, the reestablishment of the death penalty). In this context, the important thing is not to reduce the far right to a single party, but rather to rely on a convergence of struggles and stories.

Knowing: that the National Rally and Reconquest are an integral part of the problem; that the Gilets Jaunes were, for a time, an opportunity for nationalist revolutionary forces to try to channel the revolt around a project focused on the interests of France; that the current war between Ukraine and Russia is, above all, a local conflict, and that we must not make the mistake of seeing in Vladimir Putin the one who will liberate us, because it is from ourselves that the start must come which will allow a change of regime (even if we must prefer that Russia and Western Europe come closer one day, rather than seeing the Russians ally with the Chinese against us); knowing this, we can already form far-right networks, which is a form of action and preparation.