Remember, it was in March 2022. A study by CEVIPOF (Sciences Po Political Research Center) revealed the strong social connotation of the National Rally program for the presidential elections. This is one of the errors of this party, inherited from a branch of the historic French extreme right which it has nevertheless disowned: French nationalism, in fact, claims an approach to the economy which, unfortunately, competes with that of the left and, in doing so, is akin to the latter.

This is why the economist Charles Gave, known for his classic liberal positions, had, for a time, preferred to support Nicolas Dupont-Aignan then Éric Zemmour. There is ideological censorship in the world in general, and in a country like France in particular, which prevents the far right from carrying out an aggressive economic program. The goal would be, as I have been advocating for a long time, to completely eradicate the welfare state: pensions, unemployment and all publics aids.

As surprising as this project seems in a chilly context, it would be accompanied by a removal of business charges and would therefore facilitate hiring, with the advantage and benefit of opening a corridor to full employment. From a more realistic perspective, it must be seen that no party is ready for such an upheaval, because it would probably involve resorting to the army to put an end to the union protest which, inevitably, would create a barrier.

Humans, too human (and to be human is already to be too human): you are biologically human, ask yourself if you are psychologically human. I'm not. Give me the keys to power tomorrow, and you'll see that I'm ready to put my ideas into practice, as simply as pressing a button. There you will smile less, and you will find me less kind. The only reason you don't care too much is because I don't have such power.

No one has this power, the problem, in this case, being that no politician has the will. In a more accessible way, the National Rally would have to adopt, at a minimum, a classic liberal economic line, that is to say a State limited to its sovereign functions. As a result, Reconquête would lose the element that differentiates it from the RN and could, in theory, rally around it, which would constitute a strategic gain for the most representative formation of the French extreme right.

It would also be a prerequisite for an order of common sense that Charles Gave identifies among women: "They are not interested in the fate of humanity; if there is nothing in the refrigerator, atmospheric warming, they don't care." I am a man (in the masculine sense of the term, not in the humanist sense), and I agree with women on this point. Because, whether you are men or women, you will never achieve the long term if you do not think about the short term.